A New Up-date Regarding Construction


Group EBITDA for Q3 2020 was positive € 366 thousand from continuing operations (Q3 2019: € 120 thousand from continuing operations), of which the fibreboard division EBITDA was positive € 370 thousand (Q3 2019: positive € 152 thousand). After depreciation and interest, group net profit for Q3 2020 was € 183 thousand from continuing operations (Q3 2019 net loss of € 671 thousand from continuing operations). The main reason for the loss in the Q3 2019 was the extraordinary loss of € 540 thousand received from the sale of the subsidiary Skano Furniture Factory OÜ. The Group`s consolidated EBITDA has improved compared to the same period last year, the main reason being the much improved performance of the fibreboard division. The closure of the Püssi fibreboard factory enabled us to switch the Püssi factory construction sector orders to our Pärnu factory, and we started a 4th shift in Pärnu in April 2020 as a result thereof. The Pärnu factory is now running all the time, recommended you read except for a one-shift maintenance stop every month. This has led to increased machine utilisation, and gross margin for Nordic Fibreboard Ltd OÜ has therefore increased substantially, being 29% in Q3 2020 (from being 18% in Q3 2019). Fibreboard sales in Q3 2020 were € 2.48 million, which are 19% lower than in the same period last year (2019: € 3.06 million). We sold our products to customers in 19 countries during Q3 2020.


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